counting down

It’s almost time!  Spring break is two days away!!  I think my spring break is going to actually be a “feels like winter” break.  It is SNOWING today in Ohio.  I can’t handle snow in March (possibly why I moved South!).  Snow is pretty on December 25.  And maybe December 24 and 26, but it should definitely be melted by the morning of December 27.  It is STILL raining here in Georgia,  but I will take that over the snow in a heartbeat, at least in March!!!

In other news, I find it incredible how many people are late to work at my job on a daily basis.  This is an ongoing issue, but really irked me today.  I just don’t understand how adults with a job that has a salary and benefits think it is okay to show up to work 5….10….30….45 minutes late!  And why aren’t there consequences?  I understand a day here and there where something crazy happened, but EVERY SINGLE DAY?  I can’t comprehend it.

Sorry for the rant.  On a brighter note, even though it is snowing in Ohio, I am so excited to see my family.  For those of you that don’t know, I have the most amazing family ever.  We’re a little crazy but completely wonderful 🙂  They can brighten my spirits any time.  I also can’t wait to eat some delicious food…my dad is a fantastic cook.  I’m thinking about sending him a menu of what I’d like while I am there  😉  And if it truly is going to be frigid, I’m thinking some homemade potato or chicken and noodle soup is just the ticket.  Be ready pops, I’m hungry!  I’m also interested to see what my crafty mother has been up to…apparently she made an extra bedroom in our house into her “girl-cave” filled with crafting supplies.  She’s incredibly creative and usually doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit for it.  Her photography is quite impressive too:

Well, say a little prayer for me these next two days that I don’t gouge my eyes out with my scissors or the end of a paintbrush because of naughty children anxious for spring break….lol (sort of)

rainy night in georgia…

For those of you that don’t know, that title is a Conway Twitty song, but it has been a pretty rainy weekend in Georgia.  I haven’t minded though, I stayed in and got things done and actually relaxed!  I did enjoy a night out with the ladies (and a gentleman) last night.  I think the birthday girl enjoyed herself as well.

You’d be amazed at how many songs there are about rain!  I love rainy and stormy nights, they are the best to fall asleep!  I hate rain while I am at work though…it makes me want to go home and crawl back into bed.  The kids get stir crazy too and everyone gets in a funk.  Hopefully the sun will come out this week and brighten everything up again.  Also hoping that Ohio snaps out of this cold spell they are in.  I don’t know if I can go from 60+ degrees here to the 30 degree weather they are having there!  I put away all my winter clothes!

Switch it, change it, rearrange it!  Busy day cleaning and rearranging…guess I got a little spring cleaning fever on this rainy/overcast Atlanta day.  Rewarding myself tonight for being so productive with a night out with some lovely ladies for my friend Layla’s birthday 🙂  Can’t wait to put on my dancing shoes and have some FUN-it’s been awhile!  Speaking of shoes…I gave up shoe shopping for lent (as well as chocolate) and let me tell you it hasn’t been easy.  I have a shoe obsession!  My dad used to call me Imelda Marcos when I was younger.  I figure I like shoes because they always fit!  And if the shoe fits, buy it in every color!  (Just not during lent for me, lol)  Here are some styles I adore:

dear spring break…where are you?

Ok seriously….6 more school days until spring break.  And I’m not sure I’m going to make it.  I feel like the kids {and adults} have lost their minds this week!  People are basically just kinda pissing me offf, lol.  I CANNOT wait to go home to my family over spring break, even if it is going to be busy busy planning for the wedding.  I am so excited for my sister, I think she found her venue 🙂 🙂  I can’t wait to look at dresses, decor, and photographers!  This makes me all the more excited to plan a wedding one day for myself 🙂  I love these wedding pics from various wedding blogs:

The upside to this week has been that I’ve been able to Skype with my love ❤  I get to see his handsome face and hear his voice!  I am missing him like crazy and it’s so strange not to be able to just pick up the phone and call him.

antisocial saturday

As my title indicates, I’ve had a rather antisocial Saturday and I am quite okay with it.  It was 81 degrees today in Atlanta so I sat out on my back deck reading magazines and thinking about much I love springtime.  It {somewhat} made me feel better about not being in Ohio with my family.  I did get a little color.  Let me rephrase that – I evened out the burn that I had on my backside from Florida.

My honey is leaving soon so I am trying to consume myself with things so I am not constantly thinking about him being gone.  With my sister newly engaged, I’ve been fully entranced in wedding planning, bridal shower ideas, and bachelorette plans.  I am 100% positive that I am going to drive my sister crazy.  I already had a *slight* obsession with wedding blogs, so I now have a reason to look at them all 🙂  And I can tell my honey I am looking at them for Shelby’s wedding (even though he knows I already have our colors picked out too, hehe).

Some pictures that make me happy….

So long…happy weekend everyone!


1,2,3 go!

Welp, here I go, diving into the world of blogging.  I like things.  And people.  And places.  Maybe you’ll learn something about me.  🙂

And what better day to be starting a blog on than one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day…although this St. Patrick’s Day I am feeling a little down (and I HATE broadcasting negativity but I am pretty bummed).  Usually I get to spend St. Patrick’s Day (or at least the weekend before or after) with my family, at their infamous St. Patty’s party.  This year I won’t be attending for a number of reasons, mainly because I just spent the entire last weekend with my family in Florida for my cousin Candis’s amazing wedding.  The wedding was SO much fun and I am so incredibly happy for my cousin and her new hubby, Rob. It was wonderful to see so much of my family (and to spend some time in the sun!!)  Anyway, long story short, plane tix are expensive! LOL so no flights to Ohio for this little lady!

Another reason is that I am just plain bummed out because my *incredible* boyfriend just left Atlanta and will soon be deployed so I won’t see him for at least another six months.  With that on my shoulders, I know I probably wouldn’t quite be myself and up to the antics that I usually am….

I do hope everyone has a fabulous time and I can’t wait to see pics!

PS> Congrats to my {baby} sister on her engagement!  I am super excited for her and her boyfriend, they are going to make a stellar couple.  I am also super excited to be the Maid of Honor and help plan (as much as I can from a few states away)….another reason I am bummed I will be missing my St. Pat’s with the fam!!

Anyway, off for now, I suppose that was a pretty good start to what may soon become my new obsession, blogging!