antisocial saturday

As my title indicates, I’ve had a rather antisocial Saturday and I am quite okay with it.  It was 81 degrees today in Atlanta so I sat out on my back deck reading magazines and thinking about much I love springtime.  It {somewhat} made me feel better about not being in Ohio with my family.  I did get a little color.  Let me rephrase that – I evened out the burn that I had on my backside from Florida.

My honey is leaving soon so I am trying to consume myself with things so I am not constantly thinking about him being gone.  With my sister newly engaged, I’ve been fully entranced in wedding planning, bridal shower ideas, and bachelorette plans.  I am 100% positive that I am going to drive my sister crazy.  I already had a *slight* obsession with wedding blogs, so I now have a reason to look at them all 🙂  And I can tell my honey I am looking at them for Shelby’s wedding (even though he knows I already have our colors picked out too, hehe).

Some pictures that make me happy….

So long…happy weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “antisocial saturday

  1. hey mo-can’t wait to have you at home. no antisocial activities here! can’t wait to see the granddog!

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