counting down

It’s almost time!  Spring break is two days away!!  I think my spring break is going to actually be a “feels like winter” break.  It is SNOWING today in Ohio.  I can’t handle snow in March (possibly why I moved South!).  Snow is pretty on December 25.  And maybe December 24 and 26, but it should definitely be melted by the morning of December 27.  It is STILL raining here in Georgia,  but I will take that over the snow in a heartbeat, at least in March!!!

In other news, I find it incredible how many people are late to work at my job on a daily basis.  This is an ongoing issue, but really irked me today.  I just don’t understand how adults with a job that has a salary and benefits think it is okay to show up to work 5….10….30….45 minutes late!  And why aren’t there consequences?  I understand a day here and there where something crazy happened, but EVERY SINGLE DAY?  I can’t comprehend it.

Sorry for the rant.  On a brighter note, even though it is snowing in Ohio, I am so excited to see my family.  For those of you that don’t know, I have the most amazing family ever.  We’re a little crazy but completely wonderful 🙂  They can brighten my spirits any time.  I also can’t wait to eat some delicious food…my dad is a fantastic cook.  I’m thinking about sending him a menu of what I’d like while I am there  😉  And if it truly is going to be frigid, I’m thinking some homemade potato or chicken and noodle soup is just the ticket.  Be ready pops, I’m hungry!  I’m also interested to see what my crafty mother has been up to…apparently she made an extra bedroom in our house into her “girl-cave” filled with crafting supplies.  She’s incredibly creative and usually doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit for it.  Her photography is quite impressive too:

Well, say a little prayer for me these next two days that I don’t gouge my eyes out with my scissors or the end of a paintbrush because of naughty children anxious for spring break….lol (sort of)

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