should i stay or should i go now…?

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, but OH my goodness, what a week it’s been!  I am completely exhausted.  We are doing our Georgia standardized testing this week and I am a proctor in a third grade classroom, which basically means that I “walk around” and make sure people aren’t cheating and are doing the test.  Now, this sounds really simple (and it is) BUT it is sooooo boring and soooo tiring.  I am used to talking, teaching, walking around, painting, drawing, helping, etc all day.  Monitoring 23 children quietly is incredibly brutal.  Then teaching AFTER that to kids who have been sitting quietly for 2 and a half hours…well I am sure you can imagine how that goes.

In addition to that, I got some bummer news this week (on my birthday nonetheless)….my county is going to be cutting the art program in half.  Since I am an art teacher, it will obviously directly affect me.  There is a chance that I could still get a contract for next year teaching art, but at two schools.  Unfortunately it doesn’t guarantee that I will be at the school I am now (I LOVE my school!).  Plus teaching at two schools does NOT sound fun to me at all.  I know for sure my quality of teaching will go down and that I will be much less happy.  I have some other options on the table for what to do with the next year of my life (since after that, my honey and I have decided that we will go wherever he is stationed), which could potentially include looking for jobs closer to where he is stationed now or going back to Ohio for a few months until I know for sure what I am going to do.  I have seriously been making “pro” and “con” lists for each of my ideas and still have no idea what my best bet is.  I am praying my little heart out and know that God will guide me at some point in time…  But being in limbo right now about everything is doing a number on me!  I am just lucky that I have an incredibly understanding boyfriend and family who support me no matter what I do!!

That wonderful boyfriend of mine did send me flowers on my birthday which definitely brightened up my whole week!!  I really don’t know what I would do without him!  Even thousands of miles away, he’s always there for me 🙂

ignore all the crap on my desk, lol

Hopefully these pictures will cheer you up as much as they cheered me up!

4 thoughts on “should i stay or should i go now…?

  1. Yo Mo, Giving it up to God is the right thing to do!! Bummer news though, I will keep you in my prayers. Love ya, Peace, Jeanne

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