Summa summa summatime!

Wooooooohooooo I made it!  Well, almost…a few days of workshops and I’m home free!  And let me tell you, I am sooooo over school right now.  There is way too much drama there, and a lot of the time I feel like I am in the middle of it.  I really try not to rock the boat too much with anyone at work, since it is my WORKPLACE (many people seem to forget this), but geez, some people need their boat rocked!  Anyway, I will be glad next Thursday when I am officially done with the school year and ready for summer.  Meaning, of course, I can start my summer job 🙂  I was just offered a job at a YMCA in their nursery room (basically hanging out with kiddos up to 6 years old while their parents are working out).  I am super excited not only because I will be making some extra cash but also because 1. I won’t be quite as bored, 2. I will get a YMCA pass so I can work out whenever, 3. I loved working at the Y in Columbus, so hopefully I’ll love it here too 🙂  4. The shifts are only 5 hours, which will be much better than my 10 hour+ days at school!  I am still working at the zoo so I will be keeping myself busy this summer, which is good.

In other exciting summer news, CMAfest is only 2 weeks away!  For those of you that don’t know about CMAfest, first of all, you should, second of all, it’s one of my most favorite weekends of the year!  Four days and nights of country music and fun!  It’s my one “vacation” planned this summer, so I am definitely looking forward to it.  It’s also four days with some lovely ladies 🙂

My new apartment is finally organized, arranged and cleaned (minus the few random things I brought home from school after cleaning my classroom), and it feels sooo much better!  I don’t cringe every time I walk in the door anymore.  I am definitely enjoying the apartment more than I thought I would.  I LOVE living alone, and Roxie actually seems to be doing better here than she did at the house.  I just wish she wouldn’t be such a wuss and go on walks with me.  The neighborhood is pretty nice, so I would love to take some nice long walks with her and wear her out (while burning a few calories :)) I’ve also LOVED having a pool already [even though it’s technically not open yet, oops!].  I have met some cool people my age that hang out there, so that’s fun too…

Anyway, that’s my update for the moment, I know I’ve been slacking…

I want a REAL, beautiful, exciting vacation like these!  With my honey please!

I have been missing my honeybee a lot this weekend.  I don’t know whether it’s because I have settled in a bit more and am not quite so busy, or just because its been almost 2 months since I have seen him and it’s hitting me.  Until now, I think the longest we have gone without seeing each other is exactly 2 months, so I think knowing it will be another 6 months is making me truly understand how tough this deployment is going to be.  That being said, I am not worried in the least about our relationship.  He is such a wonderful man and I couldn’t be luckier to have him.  Some of the ladies I work with and I were talking about the “habits” of many military men (read: cheating, abuse, etc) and it made me realize how glad I am that I found such an amazing, loyal, trustworthy guy.  PLEASE do not get any ideas that I think all military men (and/or women, and/or significant others) are unfaithful or dishonest, obviously I would not be dating a man in the military if I thought that.  I have just heard SOO many crazy stories of things that happen while servicepeople are deployed (I say PEOPLE because men AND women do things!).  I think it takes a VERY strong man and woman to make it in this day and age in the relationship world, let alone in the military relationship world.  I am glad I have total and complete faith in Brandon and I to come out of this stronger.  {That can also be said for my sister and her soon-to-be hubby…they are perfect together and will be fine in their military relationship as well!}

As I mentioned, my apartment is finally starting to come together…by no means is it complete (there is still a mess in the living room), but it is much more organized than it was a few days ago!  I am so proud of myself because in the midst of all this cleaning and organizing, I actually THREW SOME THINGS AWAY!  For those of you that don’t know, I love things.  I keep EVERYTHING and have a very hard time getting rid of things.  But I did it, and it felt great 🙂  Many of the things I am “getting rid of” are actually going to school to be reused somehow in my art classroom, but it counts for getting it out of my apartment!  I am trying to go through clothes to get rid of, but I always have that thought “well what if I get rid of it and want to wear it in a few weeks”…when I know that I most likely won’t….I did drop off a bag of stuff to Goodwill so I guess I did let go of a few things.  As for shoes, Roxie got rid of enough pairs in the last year for me not to feel bad about keeping them all 😉

Of course, I have to update my school year countdown– 5 more days with the kiddos!  This, of course, is the most grueling, chaotic, frustrating, loud, annoying week of the year, but who can blame the kids when the teachers are just as eager {if not more so} to be DONE!  Lots of ARTrageous (aka FUN) days and cleaning days planned!  Last week we had our 3 field days [in the 90+ degree heat…figures, since this week is supposed to be in the high 60s/low 70s] which went over pretty well.  I absolutely LOVE seeing the kids faces and hearing their giggles and comments during these days, which makes it all worthwhile, even when I drop dead on my bed before 8 every night!

Some quotes I love, especially when I am missing my boy:

Good night ❤

im baaaack!

Sorry it’s been so long, I finally got internet and cable at my new apartment, woohoo!  I am loving and hating my new place, but mostly loving.  I’m really only hating that it is still a complete disaster here, since I haven’t unpacked everything quite yet.  There are a few other little, unimportant things I would change about the place but overall, I am very happy 🙂 and I think Roxie is too 🙂  Oh, I do hate the fact that today, my key BROKE OFF while trying to unlock my front door.  No joke, broke off IN the lock.  Both of the keys they had given me where extremely hard to get in and turn (like I have blisters on my fingers from trying over and over), and I had planned on going to the office this week to ask them if I could get a new one.  Luckily, the people at the front office were still in today so they called the maintenance guy to fix it….and make me a new key which goes in and turns so very nicely!

Anyway, I am SOOO thankful that my dad came down to help me move, I definitely could not have done it without him!  I will be glad when he and my mom get a chance to come down and actually enjoy their time.  Speaking of which, happy Mother’s Day to my incredibly wonderful mother, I wish I could be there to hang out with her today!  In fact, there was a LOT going on in Ohio this weekend that I am super bummed I missed: my sister’s commissioning/pinning/graduation, my parent’s anniversary, and Mother’s Day!  So, congrats to my [“baby”] sister, I am sooo very proud of her!  I can’t wait to celebrate in Nashville 🙂  And happy 29th anniversary to my parents, they truly are phenomenal people.  They have been through a lot in their 29+ years together and am proud to say that they are still happily in love.  They are an inspiration to me and I can only pray that I have that kind of marriage some day!  And of course, as I said, happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mama!

In other celebratory (?) news, I only have 10 more days with the kiddos at school!  And three of those will be field days this week!  I am looking forward to summer, although I am planning on getting yet another job to keep me out of trouble and from getting too bored, and mostly to make up for all the money Clayton County is taking from me in furlough days >:-(  Not that it matters for next year, but I did take the GACE for Early Childhood certification this weekend, so we will soon see if I am “cut out” for teaching in a regular classroom.  I think I did okay, I am mostly hoping that I passed so that in the future, I will have more options as far as teaching jobs go.

Last, but definitely not least, my honey has made it safely to his final deployment destination (which I am not sure that I can say on here…)  I am relieved, especially after all the craziness with Bin Laden being killed.  That happened right around the time Brandon was supposed to travel, so I was scared out of my mind, not to mention the fact that I couldn’t really talk to him at that time due to all of the traveling and lack of consistent internet.  I am thankful that I know he is safe at the moment, and I am proud of what he is doing, but like I said, I am sometimes a nervous mess!  I just pray that things calm down and that he stays safe and comes home soon!

I think that is a fair enough update for today, I’m sure I have more but it’s been an exhausting week…it’s not even 8 but I think my bedtime is right around the corner tonight!

Dreaming of a summer full of the beach and waves like this…. (DREAMING being the key word!)