when it rains, it pours

Well, I commonly use this phrase, “when it rains it pours,” but usually when a series of bad things happen.  I was trying to think of a title for today’s post, and this is exactly what came to mind, but in a positive way, like raining blessings 🙂

To begin with, I got my GACE test scores back today and passed, woohoo!  This means that I will be certified to teach not only PK-12 art, but also early childhood (I think it is K-5 here in GA).  This will be very helpful later when either A. they actually cut the art program or B. I move and am trying to find another job [which I feel may be fairly soon…not until after this coming school year of course].

Second, as I already said in my last post, I have another summer job at the Y.  I went and filled out my paperwork and did my drug test today so I am ready to rock and roll…I will be headed there Friday to begin!  Like I said before, it will be nice to have a little extra cash coming in, but it will be even better that I am keeping myself busy and doing something productive and hopefully fun!

There are a few other smaller things that are big happy faces for me too that just build upon the great things that are happening– some good news from Brandon about bases and the fact that 3 training days are down and only 2 left to go 🙂  These classes are about 20% helpful and interesting and 80% dreadful.  I am really trying to have a good outlook and get the most out of them, but it really is hard sometimes.  I did get my wireless internet fixed on my school laptop, so if nothing else, these days were good for that!  I think if the school we’re at wasn’t so dang far away I wouldn’t have quite so much of a problem with it either!

Anyway, what else is going on??  Not a whole lot really, I spent Memorial Day weekend here in Atlanta….I worked at Brew at the Zoo Saturday which wasn’t bad at all, I was in charge of the beer trailer, lol.  Would’ve been a fun event to attend, but getting paid for watching drunk people and overseeing the alcohol distribution wasn’t too bad of a deal 😉  I spent Sunday and Monday at the pool, my new favorite spot {didn’t realize how much I missed one when I lived in houses downtown!}

I am going to vent for just a minute–yesterday was Memorial Day, and having a boyfriend in Afghanistan and tons of friends and family in the military, I was VERY irritated that I saw more statuses on facebook about Jim Tressel resigning from OSU than I did about the reason we celebrate Memorial Day and how important our military/veterans are!  Ok that’s all, BUT if you read this, please say a quick prayer for all the military and military families!  I ❤ America, k?  And if you don’t, get out!

This is the aircraft that Brandon works on ^


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