…a little thunder amongst my glorious rainshowers

Well, I apparently spoke too soon.  Literally the day AFTER I wrote my last post I found out that my principal is getting transferred to a different school within our county.  Now, to further expand upon this, my principal is wonderful.  She has been my only principal, so I can’t really say she’s the best, BUT she did earn Principal Of The Year last year, so that should say something!  She is definitely one of those far-and-few-between administrators who is ALL about the kids and not at all caught up in the “power trip” of being in charge.  Of course there are some petty things that I would change about how she runs our school, but overall, she’s pretty darn good.  So my coworkers and I are devastated that she has been (forced to) transfer to a different elementary school.  My county has been doing some *interesting* things anyway, so this just tops it all off.  Actually, I take that back.  Not only are they taking our wonderful principal, they are “replacing” her with a principal about which we have only heard horrendous things (things that cannot be said around young ears to say the least).  I guess the county’s mission is to try to use the good principals to “fix” the bad schools, and think that the good schools will do fine with a bad administrator (although I have heard the superintendent is partial to the way our soon-to-be principal runs things, so who really knows).  At this point, my hope is just that our school unites and works together to be a solid, functioning unit.  I’m sure we have not heard the end of this though….

Another little rumble of thunder is how much I miss my honeybee.  It has been tough the last few days with our schedules not completely coinciding, his text messaging not working, lack of internet access in Afghanistan, and my general brattiness (I take full responsibility of sometimes just getting frustrated and being a queen brat…thank goodness he is wonderful and forgives me for it when I apologize).  I am just missing him like crazy and can’t stand the fact that I have NO control over when we get to talk [control freak right here, in case you didn’t know…]  I love him to the moon and back and can’t wait to see him again…

Anyway, back to my glorious showers…Nashville is right around the corner and I CANNOT wait!  I am not even going to expand upon this because I will end up writing for an hour.  And really, all I want to say is that I CANNOT wait!  (Did I say that already?? lol)

Also, I started working at the Y Friday which is going well.  It’s one of the easiest jobs that I’ve had…I get to hang out with kids all day 🙂  It does get a little overwhelming sometimes when there are a lot of kids and they’re all doing different things [including throwing temper tantrums and/or screaming] BUT that is just something I am going to have to get used to since it is not a structured setting like a classroom or summer camp.  The kids are sweet and I am liking working with the itty bitties {babies} more than I thought I would.

Speaking of the Y, I also started my *Kanye West get right for the summer-all them mocha lattes you gotta do pilates-workout plan* today…meaning that I just hope I make myself workout after work more often than not.  I have a free gym membership so why not take advantage of it??  I am not really worried about losing weight [although I wouldn’t be upset if it happened]…I just really feel a lot better when I am active and burning some calories!  I had a good little workout today, especially since I hadn’t worked out in awhile.  It’s funny because I have been seeing ALL kinds of people talking about marathons and halfs and triathlons and such on facebook and I always feel guilty because I’m like, dang I need to run/bike/swim/lift/etc more…but really, I have ZERO desire to run a marathon.  I give mad props to those that train and do them, don’t get me wrong.  I just cannot justify spending that much time of my day running.  Like I said, I enjoy my “me time” spent at the gym and feel great afterward…I just don’t need 3 hours of running to make me happy.  {Again, KUDOS to all of you who do it, you rock!}  I found this quote on a blog I read sometimes and it made me smile because it’s fantastic:

Some other quotes and pics that I am in love with right now….

















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