bizzy beeee

For those of you that thought teachers got a break during summer, you might be right in most cases.  But, for those of you that know me (or anyone in my family really), we are not “break” kind of people.  We always have to be doing something.  Which is why I have two jobs and various other things going on this summer.  To recap my last few weeks, I’ve been working at the Y a lot, the zoo a little, and I spent a fabulous loooong weekend in Nashville with some of my favorite friends and country music singers (and lots of booze, food, and adventures).  And now, my sissy is here hanging out for the next week before we both head to Ohio for her graduation party.  OH and super exciting: she is OFFICIALLY A NURSE!!!  She found out she passed her boards while we were in Nashville so we celebrated extensively 🙂  I am so proud of her!  And kind of scared for everyone she will be taking care of (JUST KIDDING!)  She will soon be off for training in Texas then to DC to work in a hospital!  The Miller girls are just going to take over the country so watch out!

Nashville in a nutshell:  lots of food, jello shots, jim, captain, ghetto pong, dizzy bat (no thanks for the old lady!), flip cup, cowboy boots [and “bustard rotes”], sweating, singing, dancing, meeting new friends, karaoke kab {BEST. INVENTION. EVER.}, are you happy?, and best of all, some amazing new friends that unfortunately live a thousand miles away in New Jersey [and no, they don’t fist pump or wear mile-high poofs].  Overall, it was an awesome weekend that took several days to recover from, but I think it’s safe to say we all had a great time!  There were a few minor mishaps but we won’t go into detail 😉  People are just silly and strange to me sometimes…

I am glad I have been as busy as I have, otherwise I think I would go crazy being away from Brandon this long.  It has been about 3 months since I have seen him, which is definitely longer than we have ever gone.  I feel terrible too because I know he is having a really rough time there between long, hot days at work, terrible hours, and not having anyone that he really likes on the trip with him.  I wish I could do something other than talk to him on the phone and send him letters/packages, but contact is so limited and there’s not a lot I can say or do to make him feel better.  I just can’t wait until he gets back and we can see each other!  We did get some *hopefully* very good news about changing bases when he gets back to the states…and after this next year of teaching I will *hopefully* be off to an exciting new place to live 🙂

As I said, I have been working at the Y quite a bit, which is nice, but I don’t love it.  I mean, I like it, it’s a job, and it’s easy, but it is definitely not like most of the places I have worked before.  Like I said in my previous post, it is super unstructured which is so strange to me, as I have worked in a school and at a summer camp, where it has always been a pretty consistent schedule.  Also, the people I work with are nice, but I don’t really feel “at home” there like I have at most places I have worked.  I think I compare this job too much with my other Y job, where I was a camp counselor.  I absolutely LOVED my camp job and LOVED the people I worked with there…we all hung out and were friends.  So, while I am enjoying staying busy and making some cash, I don’t think I will be too disappointed when the summer is over and I am done there.

As for the Zoo, I haven’t been there much, but I did drag my sis there last night to work the Dreamnight event, which is basically a “wonderland” type event where children with all kinds of chronic illnesses can come and have an exciting, magical night with their friends and families.  If you see any pictures floating around on the internet of Alice in Wonderland and a yellow feathery princess butterfly thing from the Dreamnight event, that is me and my sister 😉  I won’t say that the costume was comfortable, but it was definitely worth dressing up to see all these incredible children having fun and smiling as wide as they could!  You should google search Dreamnight at the zoo, it’s a pretty cool concept!

Anyway, I have probably bored you to death with my ever-so-exciting life, so I will say goodbye for now, hopefully my summer starts to settle down a bit!

All the princesses at the event last night made me think of these gorgeous castles I have had sitting in a photo folder from some of the travel websites I look at:

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