If you can’t find me, check LCE….

I know I haven’t updated in forever, but I really don’t feel like there’s much to say….I have been updating my school blog a lot, and since that is where I spend the majority of my time, I don’t have much else to update y’all on.  I am definitely glad that the year is underway and that I don’t sound like a robot every day reviewing the same things 6 times a day!  The projects we have started are turning out fabulous and I am super excited about that.  As for the non-teaching part of school, I would give it a pretty BLAH rating.  I am not overjoyed by anything going on this year outside of my classroom, but I am using my motto Fake It Til You Make It and smiling a lot.  I can say [as I’ve said before] that I will be ready to leave at the end of the year.  {Can you tell I am delicately tip-toeing around some issues ;)}

Anyway, only about a month and a half til Brandon gets home which is INSANELY exciting!  I cannot cannot cannot cannot canNOT WAIT to see him!  I can tell he is getting excited too; even when I know work is wearing him down he is always happy and excited on the phone with me.  I know these last few weeks are going to be soooooo long!

My sister finally made it to San Antonio, which is exciting, although if you follow her blog you know she is not all that happy there.  I definitely think it’s partially because she is still settling in and getting adjusted to a completely different atmosphere and different surroundings.  I remember feeling kind of lost and lonely and overwhelmed when I first moved to Georgia, so I feel her pain.  I love you Woo and it will get better 🙂  And if you still hate it in 9 weeks, no worries, you get to move again!  Hehe.  OH!  Speaking of my sister, I have been planning her Bridal Shower [and Bachelorette Party], which is fun.  I really need to put down my school work this weekend and print and send invites!  I am super excited that there will be at least two weekends I get to spend with *Ohio* family/friends/etc in the next few months!

Ok I’m done and I’m sleepy so I’m outta here!

Some pics before I go….

brandon and i play this little game all the time....
looks pretty amazing to me!
Earth astounds me with it's beauty

i want to be here now.




Wheeeewww it has been quite a week!  The first week of school is always exhausting.  I feel like a broken record, going over the rules, jobs, etc in my classroom 20+ times!  I have also been working afterschool with an autistic student, which is an adventure.  I am definitely glad it is the weekend (though I worked almost 6 hours at the zoo today…also a bit crazy).

Brandon and I are trying to get onto a schedule for talking which is not easy between the 9 1/2 hour time difference and us both working about 12 hours a day.  It is getting harder and easier at the same time for the two of us.  We know we are in the home stretch of being away from each other, but that also means its been a loooong time since we’ve seen each other and we haven’t been able to talk as much…  I can’t wait until he gets back!

Once school gets underway I will be back on here more often with more exciting and inspirational posts 🙂


back to school, back to school….

Two days down, two to go (not to mention the 175 after that ;))  It’s been two days FULL of meetings…blah!  That is something I am definitely not used to….our old principal was not much on talking so she was always short, sweet & to the point.  I have a feeling this year will be a bit different.  While that may be true, it seems that not much else will be changing too drastically, which is good.  I am getting fairly good vibes so far for the school year, and am getting more and more excited to see my kiddos.  I have started a classroom blog, so once I get some more on it, I will link it to this blog.

I really don’t have much else to say since my mind has been almost solely focused on school….as always, I am missing my boyfriend and wishing he was here to help me put my classroom together {and massage my feet before bed!}

I do want to congratulate my wonderful friend Layla on her engagement 🙂  So many fabulous people taking big steps in life: cross-country moves, engagements, marriages, and babies!  I suppose I’m about that age that those kinds of things happen!

Exhausted. Good night. Pics and updates soon!