Hello World

I am alive, don’t worry {I know you all were concerned}….I feel like I have been on another planet since school has started, which, I guess in a way, I sort of am.  I do consider school a kind of realm of its own, with the children as aliens from another galaxy.  Anyway, school is school.  I love it when I get to go in my classroom, close my door and TEACH!  All the other business at school is for the birds.  I have been updating my school blog fairly regularly, so check it out, see all the awesome things my kiddos are doing 🙂

As you all know, this past weekend was the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which was very emotional for me, as well as I’m sure everyone else in this great country.  And yes, I will loudly and proudly say I LOVE AMERICA and I DO think it’s GREAT!  I truly believe we live in an amazing place with amazing opportunities.  I won’t say that everyone IN our country thinks this way nor do they take advantage of how lucky and blessed we are.  {If that sentence describes you, there are plenty of other countries I will gladly ship you off to!}  I’m probably going to sound like I’m ranting, but if you truly think you would be happier somewhere else, that another country is so much more amazing, PLEASE LEAVE!  I am tired of people complaining about the USA when we have hundreds of people overseas [my honey included] fighting for your right to even say those things!  I don’t know, I understand the economy is down and things are not rainbows and sunshine for everyone, but, well, here, I will let this say it better than I can:

Now, if you can’t say you’re blessed, I don’t know what to tell you.  I know I complain about this and that, but overall, I know that I am blessed beyond words:  I have an amazing family, tons of incredible friends, the most wonderful man in the world by my side, a great job, a roof over my head, food on my table, and my pup to keep me company when I need a friend 🙂

Anyway, back to 9/11–I hope this past weekend made everyone stop for a moment and think about all they are blessed with and continue to be blessed with every day.  I do have a heavy heart for all those who were directly affected by the attacks, and pray for their friends and family.  I really can’t believe that it has been 10 years.  I remember that day, that moment, like it was yesterday, and honestly, I hope I always do.  The images and footage on TV send chills through my bones every time I see them, as they should.  One of the most bizarre things about working with children under the age of 12 is that most of my students weren’t even born when 9/11 happened.  These kids really had no concept of why were are in a war, or really that we were in a war, other than knowing that soldiers are overseas.  I know a lot of the teachers took some time last week to really explain (in child-friendly terms) what happened and what this war really is about.  I hope the children of our nation grow up to also know and understand how great this country is and how blessed we all are.

Whew, sorry that was a little heavy…I apologize.  I am counting down the days until my honey gets back [figuratively since we don’t know the actual pinpointed date yet], and I can’t wait!  I wish the military would just tell me a date so that I could buy plane tickets and go give him hugs and kisses and know that he is safe and sound.

I think for my pictures today, I shall go with a theme (random, I know)…

Any of these + wine + a book= HEAVEN!

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