Atlanta vs. Clovis

Clovis.  Because it has my honey.

Ok, ok let me back up.  Sunday I returned from an amazing trip to New Mexico, spending four glorious days with my honey.  Up until this point I have always been perfectly okay just visiting the *lovely* city of Clovis and often looked forward to coming home to the big city.  This time was different, marking a kind of revelation I had while I was there: he is my home.  He is what I want to come home to every night, whether it is in Atlanta, Georgia; Paris, France; or Clovis, New Mexico.  Now, I won’t say that this revelation was because I all of the sudden decided I enjoyed the smell of cows and the sights of front porches stuffed with every non-working electronic device or broken furniture piece imaginable.  I will say it had to do with the fact that I finally am accepting that this could very well be home soon and that, as long as Brandon is there, I am okay with that.  As I was flying back Sunday, I thought about how little I really take advantage of the fact that I live in a huge, bustling, exciting city.  I work all. the. time. and rarely make time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Atlanta.  Now, when I do meet up with friends or take in an attraction, I love it–don’t get me wrong.  I just feel like those far and few times would be fairly comparable to the times when Brandon and I would probably travel to other cities if I lived out there.  All in all, I just really feel like I miss out on WAY more being away from him than I would moving away from “my big city.”  So I guess I have decided for sure, after this school year I am outta here!

So, now that I have shared my revelation, I suppose I can tell you about my actual trip.  I arrived late Wednesday night in Amarillo, (and probably would have tackled Brandon had my backpack weighed nearly as much as me!).  We made the long drive back to Clovis, with me sleeping for a good 50% of the drive {sorry honey!}  I had spent all day at school and in airports and planes so I took a hot shower and snuggled up to my honey for a good night’s sleep.  Thursday morning we left for Santa Fe, which was about a 3-3.5 hour drive through a whole lot of nothing.  We actually honestly thought we were going to run out of gas but made it to Santa Fe just in time.  Santa Fe is beautiful.  Mountains, adobe buildings and houses, and art galleries all over the place.  We enjoyed lots of great food, wonderful sights and sounds, and an extremely comfortable bed at the Old Santa Fe Inn.  We even got a trip to the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in, which I of course loved.  We stayed there two nights, taking lots of pictures and just enjoying each other’s company.  We left late Saturday morning, and made it back to Clovis in time to pick up Brandon’s keys to his new house, watch a little football and play some scrabble.  That night I got to meet lots of Brandon’s friends, which was very exciting, as I had heard about them, but hadn’t met most of them.  They clearly had heard lots about me too! [I think that is a good thing]. We slept in a little Sunday, then made the long trip back to Amarillo to head back to Atlanta.  That is the basic short version….I had a great time and it went by wayyyyyy too fast.  I really wish we would’ve had time to just do nothing in Clovis, and I wish I would’ve been able to help him move into his new place and decorate and such, but I suppose we will get to do that together eventually anyway 🙂

So here I am, back in Atlanta, doing a whole lot of nothing other than work (although I am proud of myself, I have left school the last two days before 3:30!).  I am *figuratively* counting down to the next time I get to see my love, which will hopefully be Thanksgiving.  And I suppose I am keeping a running countdown in my head to the end of the school year, so we can be together all the time!



❤ he's so cute












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