it’s the most wonderful time of the year <3

I know all you scrooges out there are going to say “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, blah, blah, blah….” but I don’t care!  This is my most favorite time of the year.  Halloween is over, which means it’s time for Christmas music, my flannel snowmen sheets, twinkling lights, and holiday movies.  Honestly, I could listen to Christmas music and watch the movies year round.  I hate to sound cheesy, but I soooo get into the Christmas spirit…my heart fills with happiness and excitement and I feel like a little kid again.  I’m glad the season has me feeling this way, because I have been utterly exhausted between school and working Boo at the Zoo the last two weekends in October.  I swear, working with adults there is worse than working with children at school!  But oh well, like I said, it’s over!  Last week I had a nice break from the usual craziness, I only worked afterschool one day, so I got LOTS done the other days after work.  School itself has been less than fun too, with our county breathing down our necks about stupid things that take up too much time.  I am ovveeerrrrr the politics!

I will be glad when our Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks roll around, which are approaching quickly!  I have TONS to look forward to in the next two months, so I know it will fly by.  I spent this weekend not working, woohoo!  We had a much-needed girls night Friday night, then I spent the rest of my weekend preparing for my sister’s bachelorette party next weekend.  I can’t wait to see her and celebrate in Nashville 🙂  I need to quit my job and just become an event planner/photographer, I have so much fun doing both!  I will definitely post pictures of the party after I get back.

After next weekend, I have one more week of school then a week off for Thanksgiving, yaaaaay.  The most exciting part is that Brandon is coming to Atlanta!  For 10 days!!  I absolutely cannot wait!  We don’t really have any big plans other than relaxing, since neither of us get to do that very often.  We might take a small road trip down to Florida to see some of his(our) friends that still live there (and enjoy the beach I hope!).  I just can’t wait to have 10 whole days with him all to myself and no work!  It’s going to be kind of strange not being home for Thanksgiving for the first time ever, but from here on out holidays are probably going to be different between mine & Brandon and Shelby & Uriah’s schedules/living arrangements.

After that, it’s practically December, which means Christmas and Wedding time!  I still feel like I have a good deal to do before the wedding so I will be spending most of my December doing that stuff both here and at home.  I am definitely looking forward to the wedding too, since I will get to see tons of family and friends, and of course, my honey!

Happy holiday season, I hope you feel and share as much joy and happiness as I do these days!