I’m in love with a….Singer

I am officially in love…..with my sewing machine.  (And with a certain Brandon Herbert, but everyone already knows that!)  As I mentioned, I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my sister and brother-in-law (oh that is kind of weird to say), and I absolutely love it so far.  I definitely have a lot more to learn but I am super excited about it!  I have made a few small things and am rather impressed with how well I have caught on to most things so far.  That has been my stress relief lately, and I have needed it.  A lot has been going on at school and I will just say I am ready for My 25th to roll around.  Some of it has to do with our county, some with our actual school.  Either way, this year has been much more trying than the previous years.  I will say I have done some really exciting projects that I haven’t done in the past, which is exciting.  {Check out my school blog for pics!}

I have a lot to look forward to after May 25 also, including CMAfest, a 418 reunion in Seattle, and of course, a very big move 🙂  I am so looking forward to the day (whenever it might be) that I will be able to come home to my love and not have to plan a trip across 1000+ miles just to give him a smootch!  I won’t complain too much though, because my sister and her husband just got married and can’t live together until June of 2013….talk about a bummer!  I know that all of us will have stronger relationships because of the circumstances, but it really just sucks sometimes!

Speaking of my honey AND my sister and her husband, I got to see ALL of them this past weekend 🙂 🙂 talk about exciting!  My sister came down to visit Uriah and they stayed at my apartment for the weekend rather than driving back and forth from Columbus, GA.  It was wonderful to just spend some time relaxing and hanging out with them.  Having them stay at my apt proved to be a nice little blessing Saturday night too, when Brandon called and told me he was staying in Savannah for another night and wouldn’t have to work until the following day.  As excited as I was to go out there, I wish the military was a bit more on top of things and would’ve let them know there was a weather delay at like noon, rather than 4pm….I mean, there is this crazy thing called a radar….  Anyway, I headed out basically right after I talked to him and drove through some horrendous rain and got there around 8:30.  We went to dinner with a few of his work buddies, then met up with one of the girls in his unit.  We both wanted to go dancing so Brandon entertained us and took us to a *classy* (ha) little joint where we danced the night away [with some help from Patron and a few distasteful hip-hop songs, lol].  I had SOO much fun and am so glad that there is a girl that lives in Clovis that I actually LIKE hanging out with.  So we basically stayed out too late and had too much fun, but I’m glad I went.  I was very sad to say goodbye early Sunday morning, although I loved kissing him goodbye in his uniform (gotta love a man in uniform!).  We aren’t really sure when we will see each other next, so for now, our dates will have to be via Skype.

Anyway, I have been looking for jobs out west, although most teaching jobs aren’t posted until later in the year.  I need to continue to be proactive though because I would probably go insane if I didn’t have at least some sort of job to keep me occupied.  I am just ready for a change and it seems like the timing is working out in my favor so far.

Until next time….


I love him!


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