rainy Sunday

As my title indicates, it’s a rainy, dreary Sunday here in Atlanta, perfect for being lazy!  First and foremost, let me wish my mama a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  She is a wonderful, beautiful, strong woman and I am proud to be able to call her my mom!  I wish I could spend today with her, but I will get to see her in just a few short weeks!

I cannot believe that I only have 5 more days with the kiddos at LCE (not that I am complaining, they have been OFF the chain since it’s nearing summer break!).  It is bittersweet though- I finally told them this week that I wouldn’t be coming back to teach next year.  Some of them teared up (so did one of the parents I talked to!), and I know I will miss them dearly!  But as I told them, I can come back and visit 🙂

**On a sad note we had another teacher at our school pass away recently, so scary and sad!  Praying for her family and hoping that we can get through the rest of the year with no more sadness!

So, after this week I have 3 days of post-planning to clean up my room and such, then Brandon will be coming in next Thursday or Friday, which I am ecstatic about!  We are hoping to catch a Braves game Friday, and head out early Sunday morning.  We are planning on driving straight to Dallas, then spend a night or two there and see if anything exciting is going on there for Memorial Day.  Then it will be on to the Land of Enchantment!  But not for long for me, I will head back out June 2 to Ohio, then to Nashville, then back to Ohio, and finally back to Clovis.  Lots of traveling in my near future!  AND before that all, my lovely sister comes to see me {and get rid of some of the *junk* in my apt that I am not taking with me}  She comes in this Thursday, so she will get to spend a night with me 🙂 yay!

So with that all in mind, I am sure you can imagine what I have been busy doing: packing my classroom, packing my apartment, cleaning, still applying for every job imaginable out there, etc…  I am ready for it all to just be over!  I did get to squeeze in some fun time last night with my dear friend Megan, I will miss her for sure when I move!  I have a few more events planned with friends before I go so that should help break up the monotony of packing and preparing to leave!  Have a great, relaxing Sunday y’all!  Don’t forget to wish your mamas and other mama-figures a happy Mother’s Day today!