Land Of Enchantment

Geeeesh, where to begin?  Well I am officially a New Mexico resident (well maybe not officially since I don’t have a license or anything from here, but I do have a NM address!).  I will try to catch you up as quickly as possible….

The end of school wrapped up well; it was sad to say goodbye to my kiddos and my coworkers, but I know I will keep in touch with those people that I want to….  Some of my sweet friends at work gave me a little going away gift and card, which was incredibly sweet.  It’s interesting how people can surprise you [in good ways :)] in situations like mine.  I am thankful for each and every person who has made this move a bit easier.

Brandon came to Atlanta soon after I finished up school–we had a nice dinner with Megan and Ben….I miss Megan a ton already and can’t wait to go back to ATL and visit!  She also gave me a very sweet and creative going away gift 🙂  Anyway, Brandon and I got the trailer all loaded up and headed out the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  Sunday we ended up driving about 11 hours to Shreveport and were so exhausted that we just crashed there without even seeing the city (crashed as in slept, not literally…).  Monday we headed to Dallas which was a short, easy drive.  We stayed in a hotel within walking distance of some cool bars/pubs so we enjoyed our evening and got to relax.  The next day, we woke up to a flat tire on my car, so we decided to spend the day getting it fixed and relaxing again, spending another night in Dallas.  Even though we were only in a small area of Dallas, I love the city and could totally live in a big Texas city like that!  We headed out Wednesday morning (in the dreary rain!), making the 7-8 hour drive from Dallas to Clovis.  West Texas is incredibly boring to drive through, but it’s nice because there’s no traffic and the weather ended up being great.  The entire drive wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, considering that we had a completely full car, full trailer, and Roxie in the back seat…

Once we got to NM, we spent the next two days unpacking and organizing {still in the process, especially since we are living in a tiny house with Brandon’s roommate and sometimes extra bodies, as well as two dogs.}  Most of my stuff is sitting the garage, since we will most likely be moving within the next few months. Speaking of which, we don’t know where we will be moving yet, since I have not gotten a job yet.  Brandon works nights right now, 11pm-7am (although usually he doesn’t get home till between 9-11am…), so while he is working or sleeping during the morning/day time, my time is spent looking for jobs, “exploring” Clovis, and trying to be a good little Suzie Homemaker.  I have been trying lots of new recipes and am actually enjoying cooking.  Hopefully I will find a job soon, otherwise I might go crazy!  I am also trying to get back into my workout routine since this past month of packing, moving, traveling, and eating like crap has been awful for my body!

I also spent 10 days in Ohio/Nashville, which was wonderfully relaxing and fun 🙂  I flew into Ohio June 2, just in time for my “little sister’s” high school graduation party.  She is a very close family friend, so I was super excited that I got to spend some time with her and the whole family.  My seester and her husband were in town too, so it was nice to have our whole family (minus Brandon) together for the weekend.  They headed back out Sunday, and I spent the next few days in Ohio hanging out with my mama and pops, and getting ready for CMA Fest in Nashville.

CMA Fest was AMAZING, as always.  Nicole, Beau, and I left super early Thursday morning, driving first to Ft Campbell, where Uriah lives, so we could drop Beau off and pick Shelby up.  We then made the rest of the trek to Nashville.  To keep it short, the weekend was full of awesome country music, cowboy boots, yummy beverages, good food, good friends, and  lots & lots of fun!  I look forward to this weekend each year and am so lucky to spend such a fun weekend with awesome people.

After CMA Fest, I spent another few days in Ohio, then was definitely ready to head back *HOME* to New Mexico and to my honey 🙂  I am feeling more and more like this is truly my home now, and am glad I get to spend every day with my honeybee!  I am definitely looking forward to getting a job, and filling more of my time with crafts and such once I am completely settled.  I also have two exciting trips coming up: my good friend Layla’s wedding in Atlanta (woohoo, a visit already!), and a college roommate reunion in Seattle.  Two of my roommates from college are pregnant and another is engaged, so it is going to be super exciting catching up with everyone and just seeing them!  They are some of the best friends a girl could have and I am glad we make time to see each other.  I’ve never been to Seattle, so I am looking forward to exploring a bit!

Well, I tried to make it as quick as possible, but I feel like my life has been sort of a whirlwind the last few weeks!  Hopefully things are going to settle down a bit now that I am moved and all….

Until next time!