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Welp, I am finally updating, sorry it has taken so long!  Last time I posted, I had just gotten to New Mexico and gotten settled.  Well, it’s been yet another whirlwind of a few months, so I will try to catch you up.  First, my last two summer trips were fantastic.  I went back to Atlanta the first weekend in July for my friend Layla’s wedding.  I am incredibly happy for her, she has definitely found a wonderful man and I wish them many many happy years together!  It was soooo nice to see my Atlanta friends, and I am glad I got to spend a lot of time with Megan.  I am in the process of trying to find another long weekend to go back!

I don’t even have words for my trip to Seattle.  Seeing my college roomies was, and always is, so exciting and fun.  I swear, we could go years without talking and still feel absolutely comfortable around each other.  They are truly remarkable people and I am incredibly lucky to have them in my life.  J & S looked adorable 7 months pregnant, and I can’t wait for their little men to join the world.  I know they will both make fabulous mamas.  We did a ton of sightseeing in Seattle which was exciting, since there is so little to see here in Clovis, haha.  We checked out the markets and some parks, went canoeing, ate a lot of delicious food, went on a day trip to one of the islands, and just caught each other up on what’s going on in everyone’s lives.  It was definitely what I needed to round out my summer fun.

Speaking of which, my summer is and has been over officially for a few weeks because I GOT A JOB!  If you are a facebook friend or know me at all, you probably know this, but this was something that had been weighing heavy on me for awhile.  After making the decision to move across the country, I spent many, many hours job searching, interviewing, and so on.  I had quite a few interviews, some as far away as Lubbock, TX (over 90 miles away from Clovis).  Well, mid-summer I had several interviews with Eastern New Mexico University for a recruiting position, as well as an interview with the principal at the Freshman Academy (all 9th-grade high school) for the art teacher position.  I ended up getting a job offer for both positions, but of course, I ended up taking the teaching position.  I am truly blessed that I was able to choose which position would be best for me, and I definitely believe I made the right choice.  I absolutely love the school that I am teaching at, and the people there are fantastic.  I knew right away when I met with the principal that I would like the atmosphere and environment at the school, and I was dead-on.  It was funny because when she initially called to interview me, she told me she felt like she already knew me because someone that had been at my interview in February (for the middle school position in Clovis) told her she had to interview me and about how impressed they were with my portfolio and such.  Anyway, I am so excited to be on this journey, working with a totally different age group and all.  The kids are typical 9th graders, but so far my classes have been good!  I have some super talented kids so I am excited to see them grow in my class.  Like I said, the school atmosphere is fairly different than where I was before (especially the last year…).  I don’t have to be at work until 8, we don’t sign in and out, we are allowed to leave during our lunch/planning if we need to, I actually have a planning period (technically, I have two this semester!), all of my classes are Art 1 so I only have one prep to do each day….  So I feel much more relaxed and feel like I get a lot done at school, yet still yet to leave on time and enjoy the rest of my day!

So that’s the great news, now onto the not-so-great news….Brandon is deployed again.  He left last Sunday for the middle east, and we are not sure how long he will be gone yet.  We are used to being apart, but living together now makes the situation a bit different.  I miss him like crazy already, but I am getting into a routine and keeping myself busy.  I have a Y membership, so I have been working out like crazy, which is making me happy!  One of my friends goes there too, so it’s nice to have some social interaction during the week with people other than 14 and 15 year olds.  I miss lazy Sundays, cooking for the two of us, going to the store with him, etc.  I am just praying he stays safe and comes back before too long!  Lots of the girls I hang out with have boyfriends/husbands deployed too, so it is nice to be around people that are kind of in the same situation.

That’s about as exciting as my life here in Clovis is 🙂  Hope you enjoyed!

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