Hello October!

Sheesh, it seems like the days are flying by!  That’s a good thing though, since I live in Clovis and Brandon is deployed!  School has been going pretty well.  Some of my lovelies have been driving me up a wall, but teenagers will be teenagers, I suppose.  Overall, they have been doing well and I am so glad that I am in a school system that supports teachers and trusts them to teach!  

As I said, Brandon is deployed, it has been just over a month.  I have been keeping myself busy with the gym and working and stuff around the house.  I have a long weekend this weekend, so I am looking forward to relaxing!  My blog site looked all wonky when I tried to look at it before I posted this, so I don’t remember when I posted last.  I met a girl here who went to UD, which is exciting!  So now I have like three friends here, haha.  I definitely miss my ATL friends (and having a BIG city with tons of stuff to do all the time!!).  

While I am glad the days are flying, I am bummed that I won’t get to spend any of the upcoming holidays with B.  I am hoping to see my family at some point in time during the holidays, but it is sooo hard to travel between living in the boonies and having the dogs!  

I don’t really have anything interesting to post today, I just figured that I would update so y’all know that I haven’t died here in NM.  I would like to say though, that I have the BEST boyfriend ever, I got a package full of Packers stuff last week and flowers delivered to me at school today 🙂  And to be sure my parents don’t think they are chopped liver, they also sent me a package last week full of fun stuff!  

Anyway.  That’s it really.  My exciting life!