My most favorite time of the year!

There have been requests to update my blog(s), so here I go….  To be honest, I don’t have a whole lot going on, Brandon is still deployed so I am having a grand old time in Clovis.

School is still school.  While I am eternally thankful that I have a job, I truly miss my sweet little babies.  It is very hard to go from having students that are {for the most part} excited about learning and school (especially art) to students who don’t want to be there and have attitudes and hormones raging!  I do have some very talented students, so as soon as I take some pictures of their work, I will post here and in my other blog.  I am definitely looking forward to having a long weekend next weekend for Thanksgiving (I miss my entire week off!!).  I wish I could make it home for the holiday, but it’s not really feasible.  I will be spending the weekend drinking wine, sewing, being crafty, and getting my Christmas tree 🙂  I have already set up most of my decorations in my house [yes, I am one of those people] and have been listening to Christmas music…it just puts me in such a jolly mood!

I am planning on being in Columbus for Christmas, so I am super excited about that!  I really, really miss my family and am excited to see my friends that still live there too!  Hopefully I will also get a chance to hit up the art museum or a show or something, I feel culturally deprived here sometimes.  I am I don’t think I realized how much harder it would be to see them being this far away and having 3 naughty doggies.

So yea, other than school, I am still working out pretty regularly, I ran a 5K at the end of October in 28 degree weather…FREEZING!!!!!  It is strange here because it is super cold at night and in the morning, but warms up during the day.  In Atlanta, it was rarely below 30 degrees, and that was even rare!  I am learning how to dress in layers to adjust for the temperature variation here!

I have still been hanging out with my fabulous friends here, enjoying margaritas quite often 🙂 [and every now and then, some boxed wine, LOL].  Lots of interesting things happen around here….and lots of drama with silly people.  I mostly find it humorous.

Brandon is still scheduled to come back soon after the new year and I am beyond ready for it!  I can’t wait to kiss his sweet face!


Me, Christine, Courtney
Pumpkin Picking
Corn Maze
At the Corn Maze