Holy moly, it’s actually here!  It’s January 2013, which means BRANDON IS COMING HOME!!!!  Though the time and date have been moved a few times (love the military…), he should be home Monday night 🙂 🙂  I can’t believe it!  On one hand, it seems like he’s been gone FOREVER…but, at the same time, the last few months have flown by, especially December!

To get you caught up, I did get to go home for Christmas, which was absolutely incredible!! Thanks to some wonderful doggie and house sitters, I was able to go to Columbus December 22 through January 3.  I got to see tons of people, but not everyone unfortunately 😦  Sorry for those of you I missed, NEXT TIME!!!!!!  Christmas day was rather uneventful for the first time in ages, as my sister was not in town yet.  Both she and my dad had to work Christmas day, so it was just me and my mama being crafty.  I also made some cookies and took them to the firehouse my dad and the guys working {and ate Christmas dinner with the firemen, delicious!}

My sister came in December 27th, and I was pretty much a busy little bee from then until I came back to Clovis.  The night she came in we celebrated Christmas with my dad’s side of the family, including my sweet cousins who used to live in Africa.  I hadn’t seen them in awhile so it was a great to squeeze them!  We made it an early night since Santa was coming!  Our family Christmas was absolutely amazing, our parents spoiling us as usual.  Lots of fun gifts and yummy mimosas.  I also got a new North Face from my sis (she must’ve known my old one was getting pretty icky!).  We ran some errands, then napped before Christmas with my mom’s side.  More fun stuff and more yummy drinks 🙂  That was also night one of Shelby and my adventures…  Ha.  We headed out to the Big Bang {our favorite place in Columbus, dueling piano bar!} and met up with some friends–ended up at a few bars all over the place and had sooo much fun!!

Saturday the whole fam had a cultural morning out–we went to see the Annie Leibovitz show at the Wexner Center for the Arts–very cool!  Lunch at Eddie George’s restaurant, then yet another nap [just catching up on sleep, hehe].  Saturday night was Christmas at the Quick’s, a tradition.  Lots of food, drinks, gifts, and fun!!  I miss seeing everyone as often as I did when I lived in Atlanta, so I definitely was taking advantage of it!  After deciding that my hangover had subsided and drinking a bottle (yes, bottle, not glass…) of wine, sis and I decided to take on Big Bang again.  Wheeeeeewwww was that fun, haha.  The next day I was miserable, so I guess the fun was worth it!  I’m glad I got to spend so much time with my sister though.  Living on different sides of the country makes it super hard to see each other, so every moment we get is wonderful!!! So….Sunday.  Miserable. Like I said.  I did meet up with a friend for coffee and some shopping [sorry I was so lame Jess!  Next time!]  Most of the afternoon was spent napping and trying to recover.  Since it was Shelby’s last night, I mustered up the energy to head to Murph’s, our fav local pub for dinner and *half* of a bloody mary…hair of the dog, guess it works.  Glad I did, as it was good to catch up with some of my parent’s friends 🙂

Needless to say, once my sister left and we headed home, it was a VERY early night for me.  New Year’s Eve was another fairly uneventful day/night as well.  Pops was working so mama and I relaxed!  I was in bed before the ball dropped and perfectly content with it!  Nothing could’ve lived up to last year’s New Year’s (MY SISTER’S WEDDING!!!) anywayespecially since my honey was a bajillion miles away 😦

**Happy anniversary Shelby and Uriah!

New Year’s day was spent hanging out with more of my Ohio “family,” always fun 🙂  The 2nd was my last day in Columbus–got to hang out with my pops–we went to the OSU bball game and watched them spank Nebraska.

Soooo now I am back in Clovis, patiently awaiting the arrival of my honeybee!  The holidays were wonderful, but I wish he could’ve been here for them!  I can’t wait to have our own little Thanksgiving and Christmas, and make up for missing our New Year’s Eve kiss!

Well, sorry so long, but these past few weeks have definitely been the most exciting in quite awhile!  A few pics of Christmas break…