Reunited and it feels so good!

Ohio was bittersweet.  I loved that I was able to see so many friends and family members, but the reason behind it was so, so sad.  I am so glad to be back home and reunited with so many of my favorite things:

First and foremost, MY HUBBY ❤  I know we have done much longer stretches of time without seeing each other, but I always miss him when we are away from each other, especially when it is highly emotional.  I was beyond excited to jump back into his cute little arms and squeeeeze him.  

Second, my Nyjah girl!  I got to hang out with my first daughter, Roxie while I was in Ohio {and am happy to report she loves her new mommy and daddy and they love her!}, but I missed my sweet girl here too.  

Third, MY CAR!  Woooooohooooooo, my Escape made it over the ocean unharmed and is in great working condition (good thing, since our “new” car isn’t!!).  It is so glorious driving *MY* car, even if it is a little strange to be driving a left side drive car on the left side of the road.  I actually like it, because I can tell where I am on the left and don’t ever go off the road or hit the curbs 🙂  The sides of the road are treacherous in areas–B was just telling me about a guy who swerved to miss hitting an animal and ended up in four feet of water in a ditch on the side of the road!  Anyway, I love, love, love having my car here.

Fourth, and super exciting, OUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS!  Our furniture, clothing, kitchen stuff, everything is finally here!  The movers came Wednesday and unloaded everything.  B and I thought we did a really good job of getting rid of stuff [seriously, TONS of stuff], but we are still going through stuff and trying to eliminate crap…  Oh well.  Our house looks like a tornado ripped through it at the moment, but we are getting there slowly.  I enjoy decorating and organizing, so this is fun for me 🙂  It mostly just drives B crazy.  Also, I am excited to wear something other than the few weeks worth of outfits I came with (as I type this, though, I am wearing only items I had brought with me…whoops, guess I will dive into my other clothes soon!)

Things on the job front are looking good.  Still waiting for “stuff” (typical), but I’m excited for what’s to come…more on that soon!   

I’m feeling a bit more settled with all this going on, but I know that will change in about a month when we head to to states for our big celebration.  I can’t wait to party and “get married” and see everyone, but I am also looking forward to having all of this over with, so I can truly settle in and enjoy this magnificent new life!  I will be posting new pictures of the house, decorated and finished, as soon as I can….


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