Falling into place…

Things finally seem to be falling into place ’round here.  Like I said last post, my car is here, furniture is here, etc.  There have been a few bumps along the way, but things are looking up and going well!

Since my car is US spec, we had to get some work done on it (headlight conversion, since our lights are angled differently from driving on the other side of the road; MOT, which is like their version of a super hardcore emissions inspection, etc)….so that was another fun time period only having one car {not to mention the one car isn’t even ours since the beamer still isn’t fixed!} plus a few hundred pounds out the pocket.  PLUS, as luck would(n’t) have it, I have a nail in one of my tyres, so I need to get that fixed eventually.  I literally bought two new tyres the day before I left for NJ, and of course, the nail is in one of those-totally would happen to me.  Oh well.  Gotta drive.  I am super pumped that I have my CD player and CDs in my car, British radio stations here are horrific!  They are fun[ny] for about 3 songs, but I just don’t fancy songs like “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” and anything by Jessie J or The Rizzlekicks.  Kip Moore, Eric Church, and Florida-Georgia Line just put me in a good mood.  And yes, I still listen to CDs.  I don’t have an AUX connection in my car and I am perfectly fine with it 🙂

We are slowly getting our house put together.  We are lacking in storage items at the moment, so things like sheets, towels, and random craft items are kind of just getting shoved in spare bedrooms for now.  I did put together my most favourite part of our home, our bookshelves.  B and I are super nerds and own what seems like an entire library of books.  We love it, and it definitely makes the house feel more like our home.

So, for more exciting news, I just got word today that I will start my new job 21 October!  I recently interviewed for a special education educational aid position, and got the job 🙂  I will not be making nearly as much money as I was teaching, but a job is a job, plus it is in the elementary school on base.  When I went to interview with the principal, I absolutely fell in love with the school {more than likely I just remembered how much a truly love elementary!!} and I am beyond excited and thankful to start working there.  The principal was fabulous, and we seemed to connect immediately.  I was hoping that this also would allow me to opportunity to potentially slide into a full-time teaching position, but unless it is an art position, that can’t happen quite yet.  While I am certified to teach Pre-K through 5th grade in Georgia, the DoD reciprocity won’t allow me to teach in those classrooms since my degree wasn’t Early Childhood Ed.  I am now looking into starting my master’s so that I can build my credit hours and hopefully get the approval to later teach in a regular classroom 🙂  I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, and it seems like this would be a good time to start.  Anyway, like I said, I am very excited and I’m sure you are too, since I know many of you are getting sick of my constant posting , hehe!

Let’s see…what else have I/we been up to?  We went to Norwich recently, which was beautiful.  I know I say it all the time, but the architecture here is truly phenomenal, I LOVE the old churches especially.  We were only there for a bit, and plan on going back to explore more!  This past weekend B and I met another couple for Oktoberfest on base.  We listened to German music, ate German food *correction: I ate German food.  Brandon is not a schnitzel and kraut fan.*, and of course, drank German beer.  A good time was had by all 🙂  We can’t wait to experience the true Oktoberfest in Germany!  Yesterday was an adventure for me- I went to King’s Lynn, a city about 45 minutes north of us, with a friend and her spouse group.  We went to a glassblowing place, and got to blow our own glass piece.  Now, when I say blow own our glass piece, all I really mean is that the professional glassblower did all the work other than actually blowing into the tube to make the glass expand.  He did all the melding, molding, and hard work.  But it sure was cool!  I made a whiskey tumbler and hope to go back to do more!  We also went to what is probably the closest thing the UK has to Target, called the Range (ironic right…Target….Range…).  I will definitely be going back 🙂  I am glad I went, a day out of the house was good for me!

Cheers mates!