My sister Shelby posted this link a few weeks ago on Facebook, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Today, I was going to complain about how B was called in to work weekend duty this weekend, so he has the car, and how we will be far away from our family this holiday season, and I’m sure I could think of a million other minuscule things I could rattle off to “complain” about….but what would that accomplish for me, or anyone else reading it?
So instead, I am going to rattle off some reasons why I am blessed beyond measure and incredibly thankful during this Christmas season.
I am thankful that B is working today because that means that he has a steady job that he loves and is good at, and it provides for us fairly comfortably. Last year at this time, Brandon was in Afghanistan, fighting for our country, which may be a bit broken in places, but is a relatively safe, free place to live. I missed him every single day, especially on each holiday he missed, but am proud of what he does and what it stands for. This year, we were able to gather our friends and military family at our house to celebrate Thanksgiving and create new traditions, which will become an important part of our life here. We were able to pick out a Christmas tree together, and spend an evening decorating it.  We’ve bought a few gifts here and there, but mostly, we are just grateful that we get to spend time together this year.   
Yesterday we dropped off gifts for the Angel Tree at the base where B works. Knowing that we are financially able to help provide a better Christmas for a family not quite as fortunate is an amazing thing, and I thank my parents for instilling those values in me.  Every time I walked into the BX where the Angel Tree was located, it was filled with a mountain of different presents.  That shows me there are people in this world, and at this very base, who still have compassion and love in their hearts, despite what we see on TV and social media every day.  

Yesterday I also worked my last day of 2013.  I can’t express how thankful I am to have a job that I enjoy doing.  It may not be exactly what I had hoped for, but I work with amazing people each day, am surrounded by sweet kiddos each day, and am not sitting on my butt at home!  I look forward to returning to work January 6th, refreshed and renewed, to continue working where I truly feel I have a purpose.  

I live in England.  That sentence alone should be reason enough to be thankful!  While I have seen others over here complain about being away from loved ones this season (and trust me, I understand, I miss mine too!), I have to be thankful that: a. we are in a safe place, away from the terror of war; a place with clean water; plenty of food; warm, comfortable (albeit small) homes, and b. we are in a place so filled with history and beauty that there is something to do, see, experience, and enjoy around every corner and in every small town.  I don’t think my mind will every fully comprehend how incredibly lucky I am for this opportunity.

This is just a small glimpse into my life full of blessings, and I thank God every day for what he has provided.  I pray that each person reading this can take a look into their own life and remember how blessed we truly are.  If you need some help getting started, here are just a few ideas…. 🙂

19 Signs You’re Doing Better than You Think



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