One month ’til I’m a mommy!

Holy cow, I can’t even believe those words as I type them!  I am just over 35 weeks right now, which means my little nugget should be here within the next month or so!  We are beyond excited and mostly ready (I think!….though no one is ever really “ready” for a newborn right?)  We are finishing up the nursery sans crib at the moment (long story short: being overseas buying a crib sucks and AAFES sucks even more!) but that’s okay because we have our moses basket that Baby Herbie will be sleeping in for awhile anyway.  This past weekend we had last-minute maternity pics taken by a friend of ours, which was exciting.  We weren’t planning on having pics done at all, but like I said, it was a friend and very last minute–we have seen a few of the sneak peeks and I am so happy we did them!  It was an absolutely perfect fall day with the leaves falling and great scenery at a park near our house.  Thank you Kelly for doing such a fabulous job!!


Which will it be?


Baby Herbert ❤




Love this fall shot!

We are incredibly busy with appointments and such from now until the baby gets here–It is all getting so real!  I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but we have good friends who are due about 10 days before us, so we get to go through a lot of the stuff with them which is pretty cool.  This week we have a L&D Rehearsal class, then I have an appointment next Thursday, a class next Saturday, and a diaper shower after that!  Like I said, I can’t believe how real it is all getting!!

I have been back at school working since late August, which has kept me busy and tired!  No joke, I come home and nap pretty much every day.  I am still currently working at a special ed aide due to some issues with paperwork at HR, but it’s fine, I am used to it.  The first two weeks of school I was actually filling in for a second grade teacher who was on emergency leave.  I love love loved it and was super bummed when I had to go back to my old position.  I got to do lots of my own lessons and such, which was exciting, especially at the beginning of the year.  I would say it helped prepare me for my British job in January, but that is a whole different story 😦  At the moment, I am somewhat in limbo, as the head teacher from the school I was going to start at emailed me at the beginning of September and informed me that their School Governing Council had not approved my position.  Basically, she said they still wanted to look for someone for all three terms (as opposed to the two I would be working)….which is frustrating and confusing, as the school year was basically starting that week!  Also, it’s frustrating because I technically could’ve probably worked up until the first half-term break in October, so I would’ve really only missed about 6 weeks.  She is going to get back to me to let me know if I still have the job or not, but as of now I am not overly optimistic.  If I don’t end up getting the job, I plan on switching from the aid position to a sub so that I can pick and choose when I want to work, plus I will get paid better.  I have also applied for another position through base working with kids, so we will see what happens.  I HATE all of this “unknown,” especially weeks before I am going to have a baby!  Either way, I at least know that I will be able to sub once January rolls around, and that is flexible.

So what else is new?  Not a whole lot, I feel like our lives have revolved around working, spending time with friends (so happy to have found a good group of people here!), and getting ready for the little one to come!  My car is FINALLY fixed, so that has made our lives a whole lot easier.  Brandon is liking his new job/position, which is nice (although I miss him being on nights so that I could hog the whole bed…though apparently I still do that, according to him :P).  We spent the day in Norwich not long ago– I love exploring new cities…though my pregnant body doesn’t have quite the endurance it used to!  We happened to find a printmaking show, which was phenomenal—we wanted to buy everything in there!  We ended up getting a few small things to hang up at the house, but I think we have both decided that we are kind of art snobs and can’t wait to buy beautiful big works of art to hang!

A few pics from Norwich:


We ran into some street performers!



He’s got a cute butt 😉


34 week bump at the pub 🙂


Oh, and my handsome hubby celebrated his BIG 30TH BIRTHDAY!  He turned 30 last Friday, but we will be celebrating with friends this weekend.  I love that I get to say that our baby was born while I was still in my 20s but he wasn’t 😛  That also means that my sister just celebrated her 25th birthday and my bestest friend from the ATL celebrated her 30th (the same day as B!)….I wish I could’ve celebrated with them all, I miss them dearly!

Anyway, that is the basic gist of what’s been going on here across the pond (for those of you not in the UK 🙂 )  I am sure I will have tons to update soon with all we have going on!