Baby Herbie, we’re ready! C’mon out!

Holy. Shizbits.  My due date is THREE days away.  Ya hear that?  THREE!  That means that literally any moment I could go into labor.  I can’t believe it’s actually here!  I have been having lots of “false labor” contractions or whatever you want to call them (really for the past like 3 weeks), so it’s hard to say when Baby Herbie will actually arrive.  I had an appointment on the 16 of October and they measured me at 40 weeks and guessed baby’s weight around 8.5lbs (yep, can’t wait to push that outta there…eeeks) but I wasn’t dilated at all yet (I was 38w5d).  I have another appointment today so I am hoping there is good news 🙂  I guess I am okay with baby cooking a little longer, I want her or him to be as healthy as can be (although I’d prefer if he or she didn’t gain too much more weight, haha).  My friend here was due last Thursday and is getting induced today/tomorrow, so maybe Baby Herbie just wants a buddy in the L&D unit and is waiting for her to go into labor 🙂

Our house is pretty much ready for Baby Herbie to come home- we have gotten so many fabulous goodies from friends and family the last few weeks and are so thankful!  {I PROMISE thank-you notes are coming soon….I HATE going to the post office on base here so I have been majorly slacking.  They are all written out and sitting on my dining room table.}  Our nursery still has no crib, so I haven’t posted pictures yet, but it should be here within the next few weeks, woohoo!  I am also waiting for some decorations I ordered from Etsy, but apparently the person I ordered them from lives in South Africa and there is a huge post office strike going on at the moment, so everything is all backed up.  Who knew.  Hopefully that stuff will arrive soon too.  Once it’s all set up and cute, I will post pics of Baby Herbie’s room!

In other news, my sister just got deployed last week, so we are all saying prayers for her.  I don’t know how much I can say about where she is and what she is doing, so I will just say that I pray she stays safe, healthy, positive, and strong!  LOVE YOU BIG, SISSYFACE!  It is such a bittersweet time in our family’s lives, with her deployed and me getting ready to have a baby!  We are hoping baby comes by the end of the week, because after that, we aren’t sure how much internet access “Auntie Woo” will have and we are hoping she will be able to “meet” the little nugget via FaceTime or Skype.

I know my parents are probably going crazy with worry and excitement and all sorts of other emotions, but I am so glad they have such great friends and family members in Ohio to “take care of them.”  I am also BEYOND excited that they will be here in like 3 weeks!  I can’t wait to eat some yummy dinners made by Poppa Miller and delish desserts made by Mama Miller (sorry guys, food in exchange for baby visiting time :P)

Let’s see….I am done with work for awhile, my last day was Friday.  As bored as I am this week, I’ve barely gotten any sleep so it’s probably a good thing I am not trying to work still.  I officially resigned as a special education aid, so technically I am unemployed :O  I recently got an email from the head teacher at the British school, saying they were possibly still hoping to hire me for a January start, so I am again playing the waiting game with them.  If that doesn’t pan out (again), I will try to sub at the school on base, which was my plan anyway.  At this point, I am just kind of over having to worry about it all, as I want to focus all my energy on Baby Herbie 🙂  I know something will work out, it always does!

Anyway, that’s about it for us at the moment, just waiting for our nugget to arrive!  I’m sure the next week or so will be hectic, so I will try to update again before too long, but I am not making any promises 🙂


Nyjah is patiently waiting too!


Such a cute little squishy face!  36ish weeks


Beautiful quilt my aunt made for the nursery, can’t wait to post pics of everything all set up!


My one and only bare belly collage!  37ish weeks


My latest weekly collage 🙂