IT’S A…..

Two and a half month old BOY!  Ya, so, uh, babies take up a lot of your time.  So that’s why I haven’t posted lately.  BUT HE’S HERE!  Our sweet little squishy baby boy is here!  Benjamin Jeffrey Herbert made his grand appearance Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 8:43am.  After a bit of a wild ride, he came via C-section (I will elaborate in a few…) and was 8lbs, 7 oz, 20.5 inches of perfection.  Here he is as a newborn:


Isn’t he perfect?

So, for those of you that would like to hear the “birth story”, here is a condensed version:

Baby Herbie was due October 25, 2014.  He was making no moves so my doctor scheduled me to be induced November 5.  November 4 I went in to get a Foley bulb (this will probably be TMI for some of you, so sorry.), which is basically a balloon-type-deal that they place to help you dilate.  Upon leaving the hospital that evening, I was already having pretty intense contractions a few minutes apart.  Eventually, my contractions were so intense and close together we headed back to the hospital with bags in tow at around 8pm or so.  They admitted me and got me all settled into my room.  Contractions continued and man, did they suck.  LOL.  At around midnight or so, I asked for an epidural so I could try to get some sleep.  After the epidural, my contractions began to slow down a bit, so they gave me some pitocen to jump start them again.  Baby apparently did not like the pitocen and more intense contractions, as his heart rate began to drop with every contraction.  The doctors did some shifting me around and found two positions that baby liked so that his heart rate stayed stable.  Anytime they moved me to help speed up labor, his heart rate would drop again.  The doctor on duty started to worry and called in the OR staff to discuss the possibility of a C-section if baby’s heart rate continued to drop.  I was in and out of sleep during a lot of this (epidurals are crazy effective!), as was Brandon.  At one point, I woke up to like seven people in our room whispering in medical jargon pretty intensely.  Between 4-5am, they finally told me what was going on with baby’s heart rate and that if it dropped super low again, they would have to take me back for a C-section.  There was a shift change at 7am, so my doctor came in relatively soon after that *woohoo* and chatted with me about what was going to happen.  She basically said the same thing, that if his heart rate dropped again, we would go back for a C-section.  Literally within five minutes, baby’s heart rate dropped super low, so they took me back for surgery.  I won’t lie, I was kind of scared.  It definitely was not how I had planned and expected my delivery to go, but I wanted Baby Herbie to come out safe and sound, and this seemed like the best way that would happen.  The surgery was really kind of strange, because I was awake through it all and could “feel” the doctors as they pulled and pushed around in my stomach.  Obviously I didn’t feel pain, but it was definitely weird feeling the tugs and pressure and such.  The medicine they had me on also made me shake, so my arms would shake uncontrollably at times, which I hated.  The thing I think I hated the most though was being numb from my midsection down, because I felt trapped and claustrophobic.  At one point I asked the doctors to position my feet so that they were flat instead of pointed, and they told me my feet were already flat.  I felt pretty silly but it was such an odd sensation.  Anyway, Brandon got to watch part of the surgery (gross) and he was the one that got to announce to me the sex of the baby.  I was super surprised Baby Herbie ended up being a boy, but we were beyond excited.  We had already narrowed the boy’s name down to Benjamin Jeffrey (we were still stuck on like 6 girls names, so I suppose it was a good thing he was a boy!).  Brandon got to take pictures and hold Baby Benjamin and cut the umbilical cord.  I got to snuggle Baby Benjamin for a few minutes before they had to take him away to get all checked out while I got stitched up.  I hated being away from him, especially because I wanted to do the immediate skin-to-skin and try to breastfeed relatively early.  Everything worked out though, I got all cleaned up and so did he, and we both got to go back to the C-section recovery room pretty quickly.  The days in the hospital are all kind of a blur now, lots of achey body parts and pain where my incision was, but it was all worth it for my sweet baby boy!  We had lots of wonderful visitors who brought us lots of wonderful gifts and real food 🙂

The first few days home were also a blur….it’s like, you’re in the hospital with all these people to help and make sure baby is okay, then they send you home and you’re in charge of this tiny human and it’s crazy!  Not to mention I could barely walk and we were sleeping on the couch since the stairs were a no-go yet.  Brandon was husband-of-the-year for everything he did for me!!  My parents came to visit mid-November, which was perfect timing, as B had to go back to work.  They were a God-send, cooking, cleaning, letting us get some much-needed sleep, and of course, spoiling Benjamin 🙂

The last two months have been amazing, I love being a mommy and watching Benjamin grow and learn things every day.  At his 2 month appointment, he weighed 12lbs and was 22.75 inches long.  He seems like he’s doubled in size since then already!!  Lately he is learning how to grab and pull things and is trying to find his feet 🙂

He is a great sleeper and is an incredibly happy baby 🙂

For those of you not friends with me on Facebook (and therefore inundated with photos constantly), I will post some pics later, as my internet is being s.u.p.e.r. s.l.o.w….