Marybel Grace, June 11

Let me preface this post by saying that if you follow me or read my posts for the travel info, this is NOT one of those posts–it is a personal post about the newest addition to our family.  If you are interested in the newest addition to our family, by all means, continue 🙂

I was looking back at my post from when Benjamin was born, and ironically enough, he was about the same age then as Marybel is now that I am finally getting around to posting. I will try to make this short and sweet, but many of you know that I can be quite a rambler, so I apologize in advance.  If you aren’t interested in my hospital story, go ahead and skip down to the good stuff: stats and pictures 🙂

If you didn’t get to read about Benjamin’s birth, I ended up having to have a C-section because his heart rate kept dropping and it ended up that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his chest under his armpits.  Well, this time around I was hoping to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  Mind you, I am not one of those mamas who is hardcore set on natural this or that and my way or the highway.  I was just hoping to experience a “normal” {in quotes because I don’t think that non-vaginal births are abnormal, I just didn’t know what other term to use…] birth with a *hopefully* quicker and easier recovery, especially since I had a 19-month-old as well.  Anyway, that was my goal: VBAC. Because I wanted to cover all of my bases, my doctor and I also planned an ‘eviction date’ so that should Baby Herbie #2 not decide to join us by a week after my due date, we would have a schedule C-section, as they would not let me be induced with the second.  So.  Due date was June 9, eviction date was set as June 15.

I was planning on working basically until I went into labor, or obviously until June 14 (the last day of school for teachers was June 17, so I would only be missing a few days).  Benjamin ended up getting a virus the week before school was out, so Brandon and I traded off staying home with him that week.  So I was home Friday, June 10 (obviously baby had not made its appearance yet) with Benjamin, and had an appointment to sign all the paperwork for my scheduled C-section if I made it to then.  After my appointment, I started feeling contractions all afternoon.  I had been having contractions for awhile, just as I had with Benjamin, so I didn’t think too much about it.  However, as we got later into the afternoon and evening, they were indeed becoming closer and more intense, so I thought maybe it was time!  We got in touch with our friends here who were going to be watching Benjamin to give them a heads up that it might be happening.  They picked him up around 8:30pm, and I continued to pace and bounce on my yoga ball for another hour or so.  Around 10, we decided we should maybe head to the hospital and see if they would admit us.  I was between 3-4cm dilated, so they kept me for a few hours to check some things out, then around 1:30am, told me they really would like me to progress some more before they admitted me, so we headed home 😦  They wanted me back in two hours {yay. 3:30 in the morning}, so I took a HOT HOT HOT HOT bath to help with the contractions, then woke Brandon back up to head back to the hospital around 3:30.  I was making progress and still having regular contractions, but they didn’t want to admit me right way. They also didn’t want to send me home, so I was put in a room, but not officially admitted. I later found out that this was because I was a VBAC candidate, and I would need a 1-on-1 nurse, and they just didn’t have the manning as there were a lot of people having babies (lucky me right?!).  Anyway, since I wasn’t admitted I wasn’t allowed to have an epidural yet, so I settled for some anti-nausea medicine and just handled my contractions like a boss 😛


Finally, around 6am, they were able to admit me.  Initially I decided to wait for the epidural, but when I finally did ask for it, the anesthesiologist was back with a C-section patient, so I had to wait another hour or so to get it.  The next few hours were kind of all a mish mash of trying to get some sleep since I didn’t get any through the night, eating lots of ice chips that my husband so graciously went and got me every 30 minutes, and hanging out.  They eventually decided to break my waters (no idea what time that was), and my contractions started to get stronger (which is what they hoped would happen).  After awhile, however, I heard the dreaded sound….the sound I had heard when Benjamin’s heart rate started dropping.  I immediately knew what it was and what was in store for me.  They told me I could try to adjust to make baby happy, or we would have to go back for a C-section again.  To quickly recap, the next hour(s?) included trying to switch positions to make baby happy, tons of doctors and nurses in and out of my room, most with super concerned looks on their faces, laying/crouching/kneeling in awkward and uncomfortable positions while not being able to feel my legs, and just getting generally irritable.  Nothing was working well, so I finally just told them to take me back {because, let’s face it, I just wanted the damn thing out of me by this point–I was overly tired and emotional, and just knew that this baby was going to be stubborn like its older brother!}.


So we went back and it was definitely a replay of my C-section with Benjamin, except that it took longer because I had a ton of scar tissue from my last one.  The dry mouth, shaking, nausea, anxiety, etc, etc, was all worth it at 3:35pm though, as they pulled my little nugget out.  We hadn’t found out the sex of our baby again, so I was beyond anxious to know whether Benjamin had a little brother or sister.  I was convinced this one was another boy, as I felt so similar to how I had when I was carrying Benjamin.  I was in absolute shock and overwhelmed with excitement when Brandon told me it was a girl!  One thing that was a thousand times better with this C-section than with Benjamin’s was that I got to have immediate skin-to-skin with Marybel.  My nurses were amazing and brought her over and covered her with warm towels on my chest.  With Benjamin, I just got a quick snuggle while he was all wrapped up before they whisked him away.  Marybel was with me for much longer, and even tried to feed, which we didn’t have time for, but was exciting!  Those moments definitely outweighed the previous hours of pain and anxiety!

And that, my friends, is how miss Marybel Grace made her grand entrance into the world!  She was and is absolutely perfect: 7 pounds, 5 ounces and 20 inches long.  She came into this world with a head full of hair, and it has only gotten curlier!

While we were at the hospital, Benjamin stayed with friends of ours, and had a ball!


I don’t have any photos of when he came to the hospital to meet Marybel, as it was incredibly hectic.  He was not a fan of me being in a hospital gown and in a hospital bed, and not really able to hold him or move around much.  He was kind of indifferent to Marybel in the hospital.  However, once we got home, he completely warmed up to her- he has been the sweetest big brother- he loves to hug her, kiss her, and love on her, albeit a bit tooooo much sometimes!  But seriously, he has been amazing!  I don’t know whether he is just too young to be jealous or if it’s just because he is so laid back, but he has been so good!  We of course have our toddler moments, but I think it has more to do with being a toddler than having a baby sister.  He was pretty upset with me for awhile because I couldn’t pick him up since I had a C-section, which absolutely broke my heart at times.  I felt horrible not being able to carry him up to bed or let him crawl all over me.  Now that that stage is over, though, he is back to his normal lovey self.  Transitioning to a family of four has been much easier than I expected.  Both the babes are pretty laid back and easy though (I am sure I totally just jinxed that).  Marybel is a pretty low-key baby; she only really gets fussy when she’s really hungry, really wet, or really tired.  She sometimes lets me get 6 hours of sleep at night, but even on the nights she doesn’t, just literally just wakes up to feed, then nods right back off to sleep.  I really can’t complain {although I sometimes do!} about how things are going.  I absolutely LOVE seeing Benjamin and Marybel interact, and I am looking forward to seeing them grown up together.

Oh, and having a girl is so much fun!  I am such a sucker for girl clothes (and shoes…I have a problem.), bows, and PINK PINK PINK!  Haha.  Brandon even loves buying stuff for her, and he is definitely wrapped around her little finger!

Sorry so long….I feel like I have so much more to write, but I suppose that is good for now…