Who am I?

Military wife.  Momma to two beautiful littles.  Teacher.  Travel lover.  Journaler.


I have always been in love with discovering and exploring new places.  After graduating from college in a midwest city not far my hometown, I packed everything I had up and moved to Atlanta, Georgia after landing a teaching job there.  I knew approximately zero people, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.  While it has been over five years since I lived in Atlanta, I still call it “home” as I truly ‘found myself’ there.  Throughout high school, college, and my years in Atlanta, I experienced a few large-scale adventures, including two trips to Andros Island, Bahamas, and an exciting and interesting experience in Tanzania, as well as countless road trips, vacations, and weekend getaways.


While living in Georgia, I met my now-husband, who was stationed in Florida at the time.  Long story short, we lived in New Mexico for a short time before heading out on our biggest adventure yet: living in England.  For the last 4+ years we have made the UK our home and loved every moment of it.  We have also added to our tribe: a handsome little fella named Benjamin and the prettiest little lady you’ll ever see, Marybel.  We are so fortunate to live in a place that has made exploring Europe so easy and affordable.  Soon we will be tackling our next adventure; moving to Japan!  There’s never a dull moment traveling with two toddlers, come join in the fun!

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